Mind blowingly unproductive! yes! that’s me!

16 09 2011

Yes, it’s true. I haven’t picked up a paint brush in a few weeks now… That pesky thing called ‘real life’ keeps getting in the way. Inbetween remodelling my bathroom, birthdays, financial/work related stress, consistent travelling to the future-in-laws and then a double whammy of being told that my home is now worth only 50% of what I paid for it, painting has been far from my mind. Actually, not strictly true. I just finished ‘Age of Darkness’ in the Horus Heresy series, and wasted no time in starting the Blood Angels omnibus. I’ve actually wanted to be painting, but just could not be arsed to do it. Oh, and then there was that other small distraction that I have had lately – playing Space Marine on the Xbox. How frakkin’ good is that game? i’m addicted!! I was getting a little bored of just dealing with greenskins and got a total nerd boner when frakkin Chaos marines turned up, even some Blight Drones! So, I guess in a sorta roundabout way, I have been keeping my hand in the hobby… sorta

Although I haven’t been committing brush to miniature, I have been constructing. I based up a bunch of my Flames of War chaps on some sweet scenic bases that Gale Force 9 recently put out. I also assembled my Wolf Priest for my fledgling Space Wolves force and I also picked up the Finecast Emperors Champion, which I felt needed a little extra ‘something’.

I lucked out again, as it seems that this mini had no issues in the quality control area, so assembly was a snap (and thankfully nothing snapped). I decided to put him on a scenic base, rather than a standard one and add sand. I dug around in my bits drawer and found a MicroArt Studios base which I thought would do the trick nicely. I pinned him to the base, putting a little hint of an angle in there to hopefully give the image of movement. He is stepping forward and I wanted it to look as though he was going to step over the piece of ruin on the base.

Given the medieval feel of the Black Templars, and especially this miniature, I felt that he was missing something. I find it hard to believe that this guy would just march out into a battlefield without some other form of protection other than his battle plate. So, I gave him a shield. This was from the Scibor range of 40K friendly accoutrements. It’s big, and it fits the image perfectly, so, I cut off his hand and repositioned it, then added the shield. I made a green stuff handle as well, to make it look like he’s actually holding it:

I know it’s not a game legal piece of kit, but for decorate purposes I think it looks bad ass. I’m hoping to make a start on him this weekend, but we’ll see…

Ta ta(s) for now!



7 responses

26 09 2011

Looks awesome man, the strap on the shield turned out nice

27 09 2011

cheers mate. I undercoated him yesterday. I expect work to commence shortly!

26 10 2011

Hey dude, I totally get where you are coming from. I read a lot of GW fiction and really want to be painting but cannot be arsed. At the moment I am hooked on Game of Thrones novels and when I get a chance to unwind I pick up the book rather than the brush.

That said I am planning a paintfest this weekend so maybe I’ll get the bug back. Keep going, sure the RL will level off a bit soon and you’ll be getting nagged to paint less and spend more time doing something ‘constructive’.


28 10 2011

It’s always good to know i’m not the only one that hits the ‘wall’ Will! I’m actually planning an article to be an answer to exactly this problem. Hopefully, if it works out, it could mean a pretty cool ‘virtual’ circle of painting buddies. Watch this space ;)

What will you be painting on yer paintfest?

1 11 2011

This blog is lame, where are my updates?

2 11 2011

Bend over and i’ll show you… :)

I’m working on something man, sheesh! get back in yer box!

3 11 2011

Bah! Fine! The light hurts my eyes anyway.

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